Challenge Mountain COVID Safety Guidelines — Winter 2022
Keeping Participants, Volunteers & Staff Safe & Healthy:
Challenge Mountain Updates COVID Guidelines for WINTER 2022


Just as participation in many Challenge Mountain outdoor activities require adaptive equipment, adapting has been necessary during these unprecedented times. Below are updated COVID-19 safety guidelines.



Proper Masking = A facial mask that tightly covers one’s mouth and nose.

  • Proper masking will be required in all indoor settings regardless of vaccination, with an exemption for eating and drinking. Preferred masks include the N95, KN95, KF94 or other FDA-approved protective respirators. Any individual with a surgical mask, cloth mask, gaiter, bandanna, face shield or other loose covering will be given a respirator mask if available or the next best option.
  • Any individual outside who is not in active movement or participating in a recreational activity AND is in close contact with other persons, especially large groups, should wear a preferred mask. Staff and volunteers should wear their mask for the duration they are outside when applicable.
  • All Challenge Mountain staff, volunteers, participants and visitors will be given disposable KF94 or KN95 masks for each program or event while availability lasts.
  • We understand that some individuals may have difficulty breathing and/or keeping a tight mask on for a long duration of time. If this is the case for you or another individual, please communicate this with us prior to attending a program or event.

TEMPERATURES may be screened depending on local and state-wide COVID-19 conditions.


Proper Handwashing = 20 – 30 seconds of rubbing hands together with soap under warm water. Hand sanitizer will be used in the absence of a sink/soap.

  • Routine hand washing will be directed for all staff, volunteers and participants throughout the duration of each program or event.


  • Challenge Mountain will continue to prioritize outdoor programs or events with limited number of participants (40 or less total individuals including staff, volunteers, teachers, students, participants etc.)


  • Challenge Mountain HIGHLY recommends that all persons engaged with Challenge Mountain programs, both indoor and outdoor, ages 5+ receive COVID-19 vaccination and booster.


  • Challenge Mountain staff and volunteers will only closely interact with participants in outdoor settings.
  • Visitors to Challenge Mountain will be responsible for assisting their own participants when putting on snow wear and equipment. All equipment will be pre-set prior to arrival and adjusted if needed.
  • Comprehensive cleaning will take place before and after each program or event.


  • No individual should volunteer or attend a Challenge Mountain program or event if they are experiencing ANY symptoms of ANY contagious illness (cold, flu, COVID-19 etc.). Please do not attend an event if you have been in close contact with someone who is ill or tested positive for COVID-19.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 within two weeks of attending a Challenge Mountain program or event, please inform us ASAP by calling Program Director Linda Armstrong  (231-497-4060) 
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