Sustainable Style:
Challenge Mountain Resale Store’s Commitment

Challenge Mountain Resale Store

The fashion industry churns out a staggering 100 billion garments annually with a whopping 92 million metric tons ending up in landfills, according to data from This translates to the alarming rate of clothing being dumped into landfills every second.

When pondering the sustainability of purchasing gently used clothing from Challenge Mountain Resale Store, rest assured that you’re significantly decreasing your carbon footprint. In fact, research from indicates that opting for second-hand items slashes carbon emissions and “reduces the carbon footprint by 82%.”

But it’s not just about clothing. By supporting the Challenge Mountain Resale Store, you’re diverting household goods, furniture, sporting equipment, tools, and more from landfills. This further diminishes our collective environmental impact in everyday life.

“One of my favorite aspects of working at Challenge Mountain Resale Store is the circle of life for our merchandise,” expresses Alaina Farrington, Assistant Resale Store Manager. “Items that may otherwise end up in a landfill are donated to our store, sorted and then displayed on our sales floor to find new homes and purposes. Not only do sales help to provide adaptive recreation to our wonderful participants, the Resale Store provides a safe place for our volunteers to donate their time, giving them a sense of pride while forming lifelong friendships with other volunteers,” she adds.

Each purchase and donation directly contributes to enriching the lives of an expanding circle of children, youth and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities through adaptive recreation. “From adaptive skiing and biking to nature experiences and vibrant arts programs, participants derive immense benefits from these activities,” emphasizes Executive Director Elizabeth Gertz.

“Reflecting on Earth Day 2024, take a moment to appreciate the impact of your support for Challenge Mountain Resale Store,” encourages Gertz. “The Challenge Mountain Resale Store is more than just great thrifting—it is a vital funding source for Challenge Mountain adaptive programs.”

Discover more about Challenge Mountain by visiting or contacting the Resale Store at 231.582.6966. Shop Monday thru Saturday, from 9:30am to 5:30pm. Gently used donations are accepted from 9:30am on Tuesdays and Fridays. Find the Resale Store at 1100 Boyne Avenue, Boyne City, MI 49712.



Challenge Mountain is a non-profit 501c3 organization with Tax ID 38-2563815.

Started in 1984, Challenge Mountain removes barriers and supports social inclusion through adaptive recreation for children, youth and adults living with physical and cognitive disabilities. Activities include adaptive skiing and biking, nature and cultural activities, art programs, equine therapy and numerous other life-enriching programs.


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