Fall Means New Outdoor Activities for Challenge Mountain Participants

PRESS RELEASE September 2019

Fall Means New Outdoor Activities for Challenge Mountain Participants


BOYNE CITY, MI | September 2019 — The official start of the fall season is September 23, and Challenge Mountain is always prepared with seasonal outdoor activities, perfect for participants. “We embrace the fall season,” explains Linda Armstrong, Challenge Mountain Program Director, “and our long-time participants look forward to these great recreational opportunities, too.”

Equine activities are a favorite of many Challenge Mountain participants. “Activities with horses promote human physical and mental growth, in addition to building confidence,” Armstrong explains. “We have been fortunate to have equine therapists in northern Michigan who are available to welcome Challenge Mountain participants.”

Jumping on a bike to hit the northern Michigan bike trails is often taken for granted. For those living with disabilities, adaptive equipment is expensive and not easily accessible. Challenge Mountain is proud to offer 13 adaptive bikes with various styles including, dynamic tricycles, hand-crank bikes, buddy bikes and side-by-side bikes. “Riding a bike gives those living with disabilities a sense of independence,” says Armstrong. “And biking this time of year allows participants to enjoy the fall colors in an exciting and active way.”

To learn more about these and other programs available at Challenge Mountain, visit CHALLENGEMTN.org or call 231.535.2141. “Programs like Equine Therapy and Adaptive Biking are available to participants without financial burden thanks to generous donors and volunteers,” explains Executive Director Elizabeth Looze. To get involved or to make a donation, visit CHALLENGEMTN.org, shop at the Resale Store at 1100 Boyne Avenue in Boyne City, or call 231.582.1186.