Kiwanis Club Boyne City
& Boyne Area 5th Graders


Eddie Essay Winners  Honor Challenge Mountain

Founded in 1915, Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.

Each year, fifth- and tenth-grade students are invited to submit an essay about a deserving non-profit organization through the Kiwanis Boyne City Eddie Essay Contest. On April 28, fifth-grade winners were granted checks to present to their selected charity at the 16th Annual Eddie Essay Contest breakfast.

Three of the 2022 winners selected Challenge Mountain for their donations. “We were so touched to be the focus of three fifth-grade student winners,” shares Elizabeth Looze, Challenge Mountain Executive Director. “Their essays reflect the compassion and inclusion these students show toward individuals living with disabilities,” she adds. “Thank you to Kiwanis Club Boyne City for sponsoring this annual event and to the students for their passionate writing. We were truly honored to be recognized.”

Below are the essays of winners:

  • Jaycee Kline Boyne Falls School Winner $150
  • Brayden Riehl Boyne City Honorable Mention $100
  • Case Reinhardt Boyne City Honorable Mention $100

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Challenge Mountain by Jaycee Kline

On the Friday after Earth day, I was going inside school. My grandma pulled me out of the line and told me that my house had burnt down! The pink blanket I had since I was a baby was gone. All of my favorite toys were gone.  My clothes were gone. Nothing was left. My dog, Jack, died in the fire. It was a very scary time. That is when Challenge Mountain stepped in. They gave my family shoes, shirts, socks, underwear and free toys. This helped my family and I feel better and safe.

Every year, Challenge Mountain helps over 1,800 people with special needs find amazing opportunities such as skiing and horseback riding. They also help people with immediate needs like my family had after the fire. Challenge Mountain is a non-profit located in Boyne City.

Challenge Mountain began as a dream. Challenge Mountain has been alive for 28 years. Darla Evans founded the organization in 1984. It has a resale shop. This helps with the funding.

There are 40 people that volunteer at Challenge Mountain each year.  There are three people that work at Challenge Mountain. At the resale shop, there are five people who work there. To operate the Challenge Mountain program, it costs $150,000 per year. I think three people running Challenge Mountain would be challenging.

If I were to win the Eddie Essay contest, Challenge Mountain would use the money to help the program make some improvements at the ski hill. They would be able to make more snow so the program can be run during the winter when the snow is very little. I think it is very nice that the people who work at Challenge Mountain are kind, not just to my family, but other families too. The people who work at Challenge Mountain are very thoughtful. That is why I think the Challenge Mountain organization should win the $100 dollars.

Challenge Mountain by Case Reinhardt

Challenge Mountain is a charitable organization that helps people with special needs feel equal to others. The lodge is located just off of North Springbrook Road. The Challenge Mountain resale store is off of M-75. Challenge Mountain serves and helps nearly 2,000 kids and young adults with special needs.

I chose this charity because my little sister has special needs. My parents and I want her to interact with other people and maybe make some new friends. I think Challenge Mountain could use the prize money because I want more people like my sister to feel equal and make new friends.

I also chose this charity because a lot of people don’t know how people with special needs feel. They have no way to express their feelings to others. Most people can do that but they don’t think about the people that can’t do that, that can’t talk, that can’t walk and barely anybody tries to help that. However, Challenge Mountain cares. That is why I think Challenge Mountain deserves the one hundred dollars prize money.

I think you should choose my paper as the winning essay because it helps 2,000 people that have troubles have fun and feel equal to everyone else in the community. Thank you

Challenge Mountain Resale Store by Brayden Riehl

If I had $100 to give to a charity organization I would pick Challenge Mountain Resale Store. Challenge Mountain Resale Store is located in Boyne City, MI at 1100 Boyne Ave. Challenge Mountain was established in 1984.

Challenge Mountains’ mission is to “enrich lives and empower individuals living with disabilities through adaptive recreation” They also help our local community by donating thousands of dollars in clothing, furniture, sports equipment, and other stuff to our schools and families in need. Each year they help people. Did you know that 40 volunteers donate about 11,600 hours per year?

Challenge Mountain is so helpful. They help families in crisis, by giving them the stuff they need to live. For example, if a family has a fire, Challenge Mountain will give them clothes and furniture. They also help our school by donating different sports equipment, so we can play the games we like. When you shop at a resale store, you also help the environment. You are decreasing the amount of stuff going to a landfill. Just another bonus of shopping here. When you spend your money here it stays in the community and doesn’t go to some big store, I think that is great.

I picked Challenge Mountain Resale Store because I like shopping there. They have lots of different things to look at and buy too. The workers are always so nice when I go in. I even know one of the workers, she is Grant’s mom. I think what they do for my community is cool. They are so much different than a regular store because they donate stuff to people who need it. You don’t get that in many other stores. It’s all about giving to those in need, I like that about them.

I feel like I have a good connection to the store because my family likes to shop there. We always find cool board games and toys. My mom finds neat old dishes and antiques, while my brothers and I look at the games. The store is so cool because they have something different each time we go.

Did you know that they have a cat in there named Gracie? I like that they have a cat there. She is so friendly and cute. Do you know why they have a cat in the store? A long time ago they had a mouse problem, so they adopted Gracie from another nonprofit organization. They adopted her from the Humane Society here in Boyne City. Now that they are in their new spot she only has to hunt for treats. I was told she also makes a great therapy animal when people come into the store. You don’t see cats often in stores, that makes me like them even more.

Why should Challenge Mountain get the $100 prize money you ask? Because our community will benefit. Every dollar counts and it will go to a good cause. They are very deserving of this cash prize and I know it will be appreciated.