Our Promise

For those we serve, we strive consistently to provide the absolute best recreational experience for all who come to play, learn, and enrich their lives. Everyone leaves with the satisfaction of achieving a goal they have set for themselves and our staff and volunteers work diligently toward helping them achieve that goal. For the community, we continue to give back to our community by providing clothing and household goods to those in need. For those who support us, we recognize that their time, financial contributions, and interest make our work possible. We value this support and will use these resources wisely. For each other – Board and committee members, volunteers and staff – we appreciate and support each other, recognizing the importance of each of our contributions and valuing the diversity in our backgrounds and experiences.

Core Values
We believe in C H A L L E N G E 

C    Connections with others
H    Human Potential
A    Accepting everyone
L    Longer, healthier, happier lives
L    Loving one another
E    Embracing diversity
N    Nurturing growth
G    Giving back
E    Empowering individuals

Mission Statement

Enrich lives and empower individuals living with disabilities through year-round adaptive recreation.


All individuals — regardless of ability — can participate, learn and enrich their lives in an inclusive environment.

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