In Need of a Storm Drain System & Improved Parking Lot:

As many shoppers and donors to the Challenge Mountain Resale Store know, the parking lot is in ill repair and lacks a storm water drainage system.

When snow and ice melt, then refreezes in low areas, it creates  hazardous conditions for donors, volunteers and shoppers. “This winter, with warm thaws followed by below zero temps, makes the need even more apparent,” shares Staci Payton, Resale Store Manager. Snow, rain water and run-off from higher elevations pool in various locations making it difficult to navigate in and out of the store.

The Challenge Mountain Board of Directors is initiating a CHALLENGE to kick off fundraising for improved parking areas and drainage systems. The Board is offering a one-to-one match up to $2,500. This means your donation is automatically doubled.

“This is an aggressive project,” shares Executive Director Elizabeth Looze, “however, it is definitely needed. Improvements will provide easier parking access for shoppers, our second highest funding source. And, new drainage and gutter systems will prevent dangerous ice conditions in winter and standing rain water spring through fall.”

Aside from being a great place to shop for high-quality, low-cost items, the Challenge Mountain Resale Store is much more than just another thrift store. The Store is a funding source for Challenge Mountain programs and an even greater community resource. Store revenue helps Challenge Mountain enhance the lives of an increasing number of individuals living with disabilities through adaptive recreational programming. “Every purchase makes a difference in the lives of participants and families living with disabilities,” explains Resale Store Manager Staci Payton.

To help reach the matching funds goal and kick off this initiative, donations will be accepted at the Resale Store counter and ONLINE or by calling 231.582.1186.

The Resale Store is located at 1100 Boyne Avenue (M-75), Boyne City, MI 49712. To learn more about Challenge Mountain visit, or contact Elizabeth Looze at or call 231.582.1186.


Challenge Mountain is a non-profit 501c3 organization.