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Turning Challenge
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Celebrating 40 years

When an idea takes off, that’s one type of milestone. But when years—and decades—accumulate, one after another, that’s something else indeed. We call that a big deal.

Challenge Mountain and Boyne Mountain are teaming up once again to celebrate their many decades of success – 40 years for Challenge Mountain and 75 years for Boyne Mountain.

The two organizations share the spirit of adventure and outdoor recreation. A little history…In 1984 Kircher, encouraged by his wife Lois, donated Walloon Hills Ski Area to Challenge Mountain. This was just the beginning to what has grown into year-round adaptive recreational programs and opportunities for people living with disabilities in northern Michigan and beyond.

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Turning Challenge Into Opportunity

Established in 1984 as a non-profit organization, Challenge Mountain was the first independent adaptive skiing program in northern Michigan. Today, Challenge Mountain offers a wide variety of opportunities that continue to enrich lives and empower individuals living with disabilities through year-round adaptive recreation.

All programming is centered on having fun, making and sustaining friendships, building confidence and independence and most importantly, fostering positive and hopeful expectations for living life with a disability. At Challenge Mountain, participants gain personal fulfillment through a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of acceptance which translates positively into their everyday lives.

Challenge Mountain recognizes the importance of recreation and leisure in the lives of all community members. We believe that all people, regardless of ability, should have opportunities to experience life and adventure, and in doing so realize their personal value, strengths and abilities. Inclusion of individuals living with disabilities in every aspect of community living helps our communities thrive.

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Thank you so very much Challenge Mountain for providing the greatest adaptive ski experience!

– Gina Livingston